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I just realized that I have not written a new post about what is going on in the Sacramento real estate market. We have seen a monthly increase in the number of homes for sale in Sacramento county every month since March 2018. There was 3007 homes for sale in August 2018. It appears that our market has finally peaked in property values due to the increase in supply of homes for sale. We had 2392 homes for sale in August 2017 so there is a shift going on in the real estate market. Mortgage rates have also gone up the last 12 months. That is making it tougher for financing buyers to qualify for a home loan. If your a seller in the market today gone are the days when you would see price appreciation and multiple offers. The only way now to get multiple offers is by listing your house at below appraised value.
Now is the time to sell your house in Sacramento, if you want to sell at the top of a real estate market cycle. Most people wait until the news comes out saying the market has slowed. If you wait until the news tells you that the market has slowed, you are actually selling in a downward cycle of a real estate market.If you have a house that you want to sell fast then please enter your information and I will get back to you right away. You can sell your house without making any repairs or paying any fees or commissions. You will not have to open the door for a bunch of non qualified buyers or tire kickers. You can also call or text my cell phone at 916-261-2381 to get an offer.

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