I have the graph of the average price per square foot for homes sold in Sacramento county the last four years. If you had to sell your home fast in Sacramento back in April 2012, you would have only received on average $126.0 per square foot compared to $199.0 per square foot in today’s market. You can get 50% more for your house compared to if you sold your home four years ago. You will see on the graph the dramatic rise in values over the last four years. We will not see that dramatic rise over the next four years. If you look at the history of property values in Sacramento since the 1970’s, we have always had four to six years of big price increase followed by seven to nine years of no increase or slight drops in values. The only time we deviated from this was from 2007 to early 2012 when we saw a dramatic drop in prices after five years of dramatic price increases. The only reason values dropped so much was because of the mortgage meltdown of August 2007. They have since produced movies called “The big short” on what happened to start the mortgage meltdown. If you’re ready to cash out of your house quickly and easily then you should call Gordon at 916-261-2381. I can give you an offer within 24 hours and you will not have to repair anything or pay any commissions. May 18 2016

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