Mar 2 2016

I remember back in March 2012 just like it was yesterday. Our supply of homes for sale in Sacramento county had finally declined to an amount where there was not an over supply of homes for sale which occurred from August 2007 until the end of 2011. We finally saw the end of declining values thoughout our area. Our supply of homes for sale has been tight ever since March of 2012 and that has brought a big increase in home values. I have enclosed a graph to show how much the price per square foot has gone up the last four years. You will see that we have had months of rapid increases then a couple months of flat increases. Now the inventory of homes for sale in Sacramento has declined to a year long low. If you need cash for your house then now is a great time to sell your house fast in Sacramento. If you want to find out how much that you can get for your house, you can email me or call me at 916-261-2381. If we do not agree on a price, don’t worry I am still more than happy to suggest ways to get more for your property and how to defer capital gains taxes.

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