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Are you selling a house by the end of 2018

I can not believe it is almost the end of 2018. If you are selling a house in Sacramento by the end of 2018, you better get your purchase contract started this weekend. It seems like it was just last month that we all were complaining that it is too hot. It is a good time to look at your finances to see if now is a great time to sell your property and move the money to another property for better cashflow. The market seems poised for a change in 2019 with mortgage rates going up and more homes going up for sale around Sacramento county. I am posting the sales and active sales graph for Sacramento county below for everybody to look at. If you want to get an offer today, please call me at 916-261-2381 or enter your email address.

Sell my house Sacramento

The fall season is here so that means slower and fewer real estate transactions around Sacramento county. So you might be wondering how to Sell My House Sacramento. You will really need to make sure your house is in tip top shape. That means painting the inside and outside of the house. You should improve the front yard landscaping so that the house has great curb appeal when a buyer pulls up. You should also de clutter the house. That could mean selling extra housesold furniture and items or storing them in a storage unit. You should also shampoo carpets and do a detailed cleaning of the house. There is a good reason why staged homes sell faster and easier compared to homes where someone lives in the home. When a realtor lists a home for sale they always put the pictures on the internet. If the pictures look good then the buyers will show up.

Sell my house in Sacramento

If your asking yourself if this is a great time to sell my house in Sacramento,I am publishing the graph to show now is the best time ever to sell a house in Sacramento county. There are only 1662 homes for sale in Sacramento in February 2016. That is the lowest level in years. I have no idea why there are so few homes for sale. Home values have gone up a lot the last four years. I would think there would be more people who have equity now so that they are able to sell. I would have to bet that the number of homes for sale will increase this spring as families look to move during the summer months. If you have a property that needs work and you just want to get cash out of it, this graph shows you that you have to fewest number of homes to compete with right now. Many people don’t realize that it is a great time to sell until the media talks about it on the news and by that time the whole area is putting their homes up for sale.
If you want to get an offer on your house, please call me at 916-261-2381. If we don’t agree on a price, I am more than happy to offer my help on how you can get more for your house.