Price of a Home in Sacramento

I have the graph of the average price per square foot for homes sold in Sacramento county the last four years. If you had to sell your home fast in Sacramento back in April 2012, you would have only received on average $126.0 per square foot compared to $199.0 per square foot in today’s market. […]

Sell my house in Sacramento March 9 2016

March 9 2016 If your asking yourself if this is a great time to sell my house in Sacramento,I am publishing the graph to show now is the best time ever to sell a house in Sacramento county. There are only 1662 homes for sale in Sacramento in February 2016. That is the lowest level […]

Blog posts

Mar 2 2016 I remember back in March 2012 just like it was yesterday. Our supply of homes for sale in Sacramento county had finally declined to an amount where there was not an over supply of homes for sale which occurred from August 2007 until the end of 2011. We finally saw the end […]